Parent-Teacher Association

The importance of cooperation between family and school is recognised and advocated by the school. The Parent-Teacher Association was established in 2002, which consists of the principal, the school coordinators, teachers and parents from each class. The committee, which are a great support to our school, aims to maintain a strong connection between the school and parents through the organization of parent-child activities, anniversary meetings of the Parent-Teacher Association, Family Fun Day and our Graduation Ceremony, which are all offered within the school year.

20th Parent-Teacher Association Committee Member 2021-2022

Position Class Student Name Parent Name
Chairman K3 Euan Cuthbert Weir Ms Gladys Tang
Vice-chairman K3、N Tse Ho Kiu & Tse Yee Cheung Mr Tse Chi Kin Hugo
Treasurer Assistant K2 Mak Chin Yu Kayla Ms Tse Wing Sze
Recreation N Hu, Henry Eric Ms Wang Meng Mandy
Recreation K3、K1 Lok Hoi Ching & Lok Hoi Fei Mr Lok Ka Chung Ken
Secretary K2 Leung Shi Yu Ms Wong Suk Yee
Liaison K3 Ting Yan Tung Ms Fong Wing Yi

School Representatives

Position Name
Treasurer Principle Chan
Recreation S M Wong(Kindergarten Co-ordinators) & P S Lai
Secretary O Y Chung