Curriculum Concept

Children start to explore and experience new things when they enter school life. Their curiosity and imagination slowly grows which inspires them to create their own new world. They start out like baby birds, only just learning to use their wings, flapping like little trumpets playing a song of life.


By going through diversified and interesting life experiences in this happy environment, children, unlike snails, walk step by step without heavy shells to explore with warmth and happiness while receiving and abundance of love and the enjoyment of learning.


After three to four years of growth, the seedings finally grow into trees, budding children who are ready to enter the next phase of their challenge. They begin to ascend with the knowledge and experiences they have learned, climbing to a higher place to experience a wider world.

Daily routine
According to “Kindergarten Education Curriculum Guide” (2017) and the concept of SJS, our school has established a balanced and diversified activity schedule for children.
01 Spiritual morning

• Arrive at school (health inspections and reading) Breakfast time
• Morning assembly, taking attendance, and sharing of life experiences

The whole day’s work depends on a good start in the morning. Arrival at school in the morning is the beginning of a learning life, and the reading time can awaken the sleepy brain of children. Sharing daily life experiences during morning assembly and talk can improve the affective interaction between teachers and classmates. We hope children can gain full energy during the morning activities, so that they can take part in daily activities cheerfully.

02 Energetic morniang

• Game activities (physical activities, free play)
• Learning activities (project-based learning, bi-literate and trilingual curriculum)

School opens up the walls of classrooms and turn entire school into a playground. Children can choose classrooms, teachers, partners and activities freely and play games spontaneously to promote their learning and development.

Our school implements a school-based curriculum “Project Learning” teaching model, in accordance with children’s interest, life experience and developmental needs. Through activities like observation, experiencing, sharing, and collecting information, children can construct knowledge, develop skills, establish good living habits, and correct values from exploration. Child’s learning progress and outcomes will be recorded in “Project Book”.

Our school emphasizes on language education and is committed to promote bilingual and trilingual teaching. We provide an immersive trilingual environment for children. English and Mandarin teachers are all native speakers, creating activities that make life easier for children to acquire foreign languages.

03 Lunch supplement

• Healthy lunch (Green Monday)
• Afternoon nap
• Refreshments

04 Time with Jesus

• Religion

Our school aims to promote children’s care in the spirit of Christianity, as well as emphasizes on the development of children’s moral education and spiritual education. Jesus loves children to come up and participate in religious activities every day via stories, motto, poems, small crafts, and games to help children to build good moralities and emotions towards people, and let them know the Gospel at an early age.

05 Relaxed and pleased afternoon

In order to promote the overall development of children’s artistic knowledge and competence, and nurture their self-expression skills, our school provides children with diversified courses of music, art, dance and gymnastics. All courses are taught by specialized teachers to further explore children’s interest in art and develop their creativity and cooperation.

Our school has organized a number of extra curriculum activities and uniformed groups of “Hong Kong Girl Guides Association: Happy Bees” after school hours.

06 Return home after a rewarding school day

• Getting ready to go home

One-day school life goes fast. Children gain a wealth of knowledge, a strong body, sincere friendship, and pleasant emotional experience. We hope children can return home with a sense of satisfaction and share their school life with their family.

Happy Friday
Every Friday is “Happy Friday”.
All children are happy to spend the last school day of a week together. We have a rich variety of activities, such as children worship, birthday party, making lunch, outdoors visit, and festival celebration activities.