Project-based Learning and Whole Language Learning
Our school adopts ‘project-based learning’ and Whole language learning in pedagogy; to instill a child’s interests, experiences and development needs.

Through exploration, observation, experience, sharing and data collection, children are able to construct their knowledge, enhance their skills, establish positive values and foster good living habits. There are complementary activities in each project theme used to cultivate our students’ learning experiences, with some of the activities including field trips, parent-child activities, presentations and so forth.

Moreover, children are encouraged to express themselves and record their daily life experiences by writing and drawing pictures in their ‘Project Folder’. In this way, the learning process is recorded and presented as a reference for parents and children.

Furthermore, our project process also emphasizes Whole language activities that aim to enrich a child’s language knowledge and strengthen their language ability. This is achieved by creating stories, conversations and sentences in which the children can learn language through reading, writing, listening and speaking.