Biliteracy and Trilingualism
Cantonese, English and Mandarin
Our school focuses on language learning and is dedicated to carrying out biliteracy and trilinualism within the curriculum.

Besides the two class teachers, each grade class is equipped with a Mandarin teacher and a half-day Native English teacher to create and ensure an abundant trilingual learning environment.

In regards to Mandarin learning, children are given opportunities to listen and speak through daily activities such as games, conversations, stories, nursery rhymes, creating stories and so forth.

From the perspective of English learning, children learn by completing a variety of activities, such as playing games, having conversations, learning phonics, storytelling and songs. The students can also expand their vocabulary in shared reading activities, as well as through show-and-tell.

Thus, the children acquire sufficient opportunities in their Mandarin and English learning to express themselves, become engaged, involved and enjoy themselves by participating in interesting activities and therefore, learning how to present themselves confidently in Mandarin and English.