Parent-Teacher Association

The importance of cooperation between family and school is recognised and advocated by the school. The Parent-Teacher Association was established in 2002, which consists of the principal, the school coordinators, teachers and parents from each class. The committee, which are a great support to our school, aims to maintain a strong connection between the school and parents through the organization of parent-child activities, anniversary meetings of the Parent-Teacher Association, Family Fun Day and our Graduation Ceremony, which are all offered within the school year.

22nd Parent-Teacher Association Committee Member 2023-2024

Position Class Student Name Parent Name
Chairman K2 Mak Ting Yui Silas Ms Tse Wing Sze
Vice-chairman K2 Tse Yee Cheung Mr Tse Chi Kin Hugo
Treasurer Assistant K1 Cheng Tsz Kwan Mr Cheng Shing Fung
Recreation N Au Olivia Ms Diana Thumb
Recreation K2 Iu Tsz Lap Ms Lo Sik Yu
Secretary N Ko Justin Ms Kwan Vivien
Liaison K3 Sum Ka Yu Ms Fong Cho Yan

School Representatives

Position Name
Treasurer Principle Chan
Recreation Vice-Principal Wong
Recreation S M Ng (Teacher)
Liaison Y H Woo (Head Teacher)